Open Work Permit 的 OHIP 申請

最近,終於可以申請 OHIP  了,拿著工簽往最近的  Service Ontario 跑,結果被拒絕了,他們給了我兩個地點,持開放工簽只能在這兩個地方申請 OHIP :
3495 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1H 1B3
47 Sheppard Ave E Unit 417, North York, ON M2N 5N1
網路上有人寫說持  case 27 的開放工簽可直接申請,帶著工簽駕照護照前往申請,結果依然被拒絕,他們說一定得要有雇主信才可,而雇主信要記得要依循他們的規則:

ServiceOntario Open Work Permit Employment Letter Guidelines

The letter must be:

  • On the employer’s company letterhead
  • Signed and dated by the employer 

The letter must state:

  • That the employee is working full-time
  • The title/occupation of the position
  • That the employee will be working for the company within Ontario (the company does not have to be located in Ontario. The letter may have the address or city where the employee will be working in Ontario)
  • The start date of employment
  • That the employer intends to employ the employee for a minimum of six (6) months

The letter should not be:

  • An employment acceptance or offer letter
  • A photocopy, scan, email or fax

這次除了工簽、駕照、護照還多了一個雇主信,不到20分鐘臨時的 OHIP 就到手了,相當快速。

大部份的問題都是回答 NO

If you moved from another part of Canada, were
you covered by a government health plan?  

If yes, what was your health number?

Are you a Canadian citizen returning to Canada?

Are you an immigrant returning to Canada?
你是移民加拿大的移民嗎? (這句有翻的有點怪)

Have you recently left the Canadian Forces?

Have you recently been released from a Federal penitentiary?

Are you the spouse or dependant of a Regular Force member of the
Canadian Forces?

Are you a reservist returning from an out-of-country posting

Are you the spouse or dependant of a reservist currently deployed by the Canadian Forces into active service?

‧ 申請時說6個星期後可以拿到卡片,不過安省還是挺有效率的,兩個星期左右的時間, OHIP 卡已經寄到了。
‧ 2019/10/31 拿到了 PR,承辦人員有交待,要到 Service Ontario 更新狀態,第一次去家附近的 Service Ontario ,結果被拒絕了,原來 work permit 的 OHIP 要 change status 還是只能去申請的那兩個地方才可以。